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It started with a mouse.... 

Over 30 years ago I became involved in making pottery with lifelike mice, and started making tiny `props´ for them. I discovered the world of dollshouses at Miniatura, and was then accepted by Caroline Hamilton at the Kensington Dollshouse Festival. I went from making food and nursery items, to english staffordshire figurines and french 19th century barbotines; widening the range with finer figurines but always trying new miniature ranges. 

My Process

My miniatures are handmade using porcelain, bone china, earthenware or terracotta. It is a long process, requiring several firings in the kiln. After biscuit firing, I use underglazes, or onglaze colours over a clear glaze. Some pieces require additional colour (or gold)  firings, especially for the more intricate pieces like the jardinieres, umbrella stands and vases. 


I like variety and work often around the seasons, finding ideas on walks. Visits to National Trust properties too are always enthusing me with new ideas; even a flower arrangement can inspire a new vase.

My work in Norfolk libraries has enabled me to have access to a wonderful selection of books. In my studio I have my own collection of reference books and antique brochures; a good mix of vintage nostalgia and magazines that I can´t bear to throw away! I work in our lovely garden studio which helps me to concentrate, away from `domestic distractions´.

Special requests are always welcomed as a new challenge. I once made a tiny china monkey, which was on Dickens´s  writing desk, for a lady recreating his room in miniature. I also enjoyed making items for a room setting recreating the Sherlock Holmes museum - that was interesting! Recently I have made miniature reproductions of Bow, Chelsea and Derby figurines for the dollshouse of a National Trust property.


About Me

I am french-born but have spent all my adult life in Great Britain which is now my home with my husband in Norfolk. Life has changed since we became proud grandparents, and I am glad to say our 4 year old grandson loves playing with the dollshouse and miniature grocery shop as much as his cars or scooter. 



My last dollshouse exhibition was in Kensington Dollshouse Festival in May 2019. We all miss the buzz one gets from meeting old and new friends, discovering new talent and miniatures, and sharing our work with others. In the current situation, I am delighted to take part in `The Online Showcase 2021´ organised by Charlotte Stokoe, taking place in May 14th-20th 2021. For further information see the London Dollshouse Showcase 

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